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Adding Highlights Over Color
Is it safe to add highlights on top of permanent, allover color?

It's safe, but also unpredictable. That's because the first chemical process -- usually a combination of what professionals call lift (removing natural color), deposit (adding new color) and tone (colors like red, gold and orange that give personality to hair) -- will invariably affect the second process -- either processing time or color result. If you want to avoid this unpredictability, you may want to try hair color and highlighting kits formulated to work together.

Excellence Creme, a hair color kit, works with Excellence Cremelights, a highlighting kit. There's also Couleur Experte, which coordinates hair color and highlight kits into a single box.

Coloring Your Hair
HOME COLORING TIPS You can get really results with the new home-coloring products. They have become so easy to use that they're practically fool proof, and ever so natural-looking.

Keep Your Color Truer, Longer

Egyptian Henna Color & Conditioner

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